Small Roll Sod

One Small Roll of sod measures 2’x5’ (10 sq. ft.) and weighs approx. 35 lbs.

One pallet holds 60 rolls (600 sq. ft.) and weighs approx. 1 ton (2,000 lbs.)

Pallette of Sod

 Minimum orders:

∙ 300 sq. ft. for pick up at the farm

∙ 1,200 square feet (2 pallets) for delivery within 60 miles of the farm


Under our minimum? Close to a Garden Center?

∙ We routinely supply most local garden centers with fresh product

∙ Click here for information about purchasing our sod.



Saratoga Sod offers northern turfgrass blends and mixtures:

∙ 100% Kentucky bluegrass

∙ Kentucky Bluegrass/Fine Fescue mix (50/50)

∙ Turf Type Tall Fescue


Not sure which type to choose?

∙ Kentucky bluegrass is dark green, uniform in color and texture, and tolerates full sun to partial shade.

∙ Bluegrass/Fescue mix is more versatile, shade tolerant and drought tolerant than the straight bluegrass. However, because it contains two different species of grasses, the stand is not as uniform in color or texture as 100% Kentucky bluegrass. If you are trying to patch an area of grass or installing next to an existing lawn, the mix may be the sod of choice.

∙ Turf Type Tall Fescue is deep rooted, drought and shade tolerant and provides good wear tolerance.

∙ Neither type of sod is superior to the other; it just depends on your needs. Be sure to specify with your order which type of sod you would prefer.

How much Sod do you need?

∙ Measure the area to be sodded (length x width) = square feet.

∙ Have an irregular area? Need help determining measurements?  Check out our Sod Calculator


∙ Saratoga Sod is cut to order, so you receive the freshest product available.

∙ For pick up at the farm, please call in your order the day before so we can best serve you.

∙ For delivery, please call at least 3-5 days in advance to set up desired date and get on our schedule. We always call you the day prior to confirm delivery.


Site Prep & Installation

∙ We’ve laid out the materials and equipment you’ll need, as well as an easy installation guide. Read more

∙ Not up to a DIY Project? We also offer cost-effective, professional installations services. Read more



∙ Pricing is based on the amount of sod purchased (square footage) per order, and whether it is picked up at the farm or delivered. Please call us at 518-664-5038 to quote your specific job.



∙ $15 refundable deposit per pallet


Small Roll Stats 

1 SMALL ROLL of Saratoga Sod weighs 30-40 lbs., and is 10" in diameter

Sod is rolled for handling ease

When unrolled, each strip measures 2'(W) x 5' (L) = 10 sq. ft.

Each piece is 1/2" - 3/4" thick


1 PALLET = 60 Rolls (600 sq. ft.), a pallet measures 4' x 4'

1 PALLET weighs approx. 1 Ton (a full-sized pick up truck can haul)


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